Hassle-Free Way to Sell the House

Placing a house on the real estate market can be expensive and time-consuming. A real estate agency will recommend essential repairs before Selling your house. Some repairs have to be made in order for the building to pass a routine inspection. Once repairs are made, the house could be on the market for a long time. While the average time a house in excellent condition is on the market is approximately ninety days, some houses take a year or two to sell.

Other Costs and Inconveniences

After repair costs are taken care of, there are other costs involved in selling a house. Real estate agent commissions are around six percent. The appraiser will charge a fee that is also paid by the seller. Closing costs range from two to three percent of the sale price.

While on the market, the house may be shown dozens of times. People will be touring the house at all times so it has to be kept immaculately clean. Keep in mind that some people may not be serious about buying the house, they just want to see it. Sometimes they take a look at it just to get a sense of what they might want in a house.

Even after an offer is made and accepted, the waiting is not over. The date to close on the house can take thirty to sixty days at a minimum. It can also take longer than that, depending on the situation. A long distance buyer, for example, may want to arrive in town before closing on the house.

Skip the Hassles

An alternative to all that time and expense does exist. Some companies, such as VA Real Estate Solutions, will buy houses in any price range and any condition. A cash offer will be made on the house “as-is” so there is no need to make repairs. If the offer is accepted, a real estate lawyer can handle the closing in as little as seven days free of charge to the seller. Free consultations are available, or people can visit VARealestatesolutions.com for details and to fill out an online form.

The factors which contribute to the fair cash price offered include the condition of the house and the current market conditions in the area. Time, materials, and labor for any repairs that are needed, and the costs associated with the resale of a house are also taken into consideration when making an offer on any house.


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